5 Questions To Ask When Choosing an El Paso Family Lawyer

A gavel between an El Paso family lawyer and a couple.

Finding the right El Paso family lawyer for your family law matter can feel overwhelming and stressful. However, a professional and skilled El Paso family lawyer can help guide you to a successful resolution. Hiring the right family lawyer will give you confidence that they will take your case seriously, and work with your best […]

What Are The Requirements For Adoption In Texas?

A young woman smiling as she holds a small child in her arms after adoption.

Are you looking for adoption options in Texas and don’t know where to begin? Our law firm has your back! Making, or considering, the option to adopt is a big life choice. You want to be educated and clear on what to expect, as well as know what the process looks like.  Requirements for Adoption […]

Everything You Need to Know About Prenups in El Paso

There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding. From reserving the perfect venue, sending out invites, buying dresses and tuxedos, arranging the catering, and other details, there’s enough to keep you busy. The couple-to-be, however, has other things to consider before they engage in their long journey.  For some people, sorting out legal […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Cases, Payments, & Family Law in El Paso

A young child holding hand with a parent as the sun is about to set

Child custody cases usually lead to a child support arrangement. There are two ways this can happen: parents independently arrive at an agreement or the courts get involved and create an agreement for both parties. Child support arrangements through the courts is a binding court order or “decree.”  As situations and circumstances change, however, many […]

Texas Motorcycle Statistics & The Innovative & Adventurous History of Bikes 

Man sat on the motorcycle on the forest road.

Like many beloved inventions, the motorcycle was developed in stages—gradually improving in design, innovation after innovation. Today, Texas roads have about 438,551 motorcycles registered in the state. And despite the many campaigns to improve safety and encourage people to look out for motorcyclists, there are still plenty of motorcycle accidents on Texas roads and highways.  […]

Reached the End of the Road? Here’s What to Know About Getting a Divorce in Texas 

A couple sitting on a couch after deciding to get a divorce

If you’re reading this, you may have already exhausted other options. You’ve thought about this for a long time. You’ve considered it and done whatever soul searching was necessary. And perhaps you are now considering the difficult decisions of parting with your partner. It’s not an easy decision. An experienced and qualified divorce lawyer can […]

History of Adoption in America & How to Approach the Complicated Process Today

Family of four having breakfast in the kitchen

Adoption laws have been around since the 19th century, though the nature of the adoptive process has changed considerably. Adoption can involve domestic or intercountry adoption and involves a heavy amount of paperwork, court dates, official documents, etc. It’s a noble undertaking and one that can test even the strongest of couples.  But here’s the […]

What You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Cases and Premises Liability Law

Mistake caution, business risk or problem warning, failure prevention or avoid danger concept, cautious businessman slip falling on exclamation symbol beware, careful caution sign.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to personal liability cases. Personal injury is a broad topic of law that encompasses a couple of different types of cases. They can include workers’ compensation and personal liability cases—often known informally as slip and fall. People’s ideas of what these cases entail can […]

The Process of Getting a Divorce in Texas

Divorce concept with gavel and wedding rings

Marriage and divorce are both very common experiences. Up to 90% of people get married, but between 40 and 50% of them will eventually divorce. Getting a divorce isn’t easy. It’s emotional and decisions can be hard to make. The last thing you need is to feel confused about the legal process of divorce. Read on for […]

What You Need to Defend Your Car Accident Claim 

Car crash dangerous accident on the road. With speed zoom blur.

No one expects to find themselves in a car accident, but when it happens, you have to think about what you will say to the insurers and how you can prove that you are not at fault.  At fault or not, no one wants to pay for the damages resulting from a car accident. That’s […]