5 Questions To Ask When Choosing an El Paso Family Lawyer

A gavel between an El Paso family lawyer and a couple.

Finding the right El Paso family lawyer for your family law matter can feel overwhelming and stressful. However, a professional and skilled El Paso family lawyer can help guide you to a successful resolution. Hiring the right family lawyer will give you confidence that they will take your case seriously, and work with your best […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Cases, Payments, & Family Law in El Paso

A young child holding hand with a parent as the sun is about to set

Child custody cases usually lead to a child support arrangement. There are two ways this can happen: parents independently arrive at an agreement or the courts get involved and create an agreement for both parties. Child support arrangements through the courts is a binding court order or “decree.”  As situations and circumstances change, however, many […]

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting

A lovely couple outside with their recently adopted child.

Adoption is a beautiful and magical gift. It turns women into mothers and men into fathers.   Other than a natural pregnancy, nothing else can do that. So, it’s truly magical.   Sentiment and poetry aside, if you’re seriously considering adoption, it’s not something you should enter into lightly or on a whim. Bringing a […]

Reflecting on National Adoption Month 2018 in Texas

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National Adoption Month 2018 has been a success! Hundreds of children now have warm, loving homes and hundreds of families are now whole and complete. Adoption is a beautiful thing. Every child deserves to have a home, a loving family, and a support system that will help them grow up into productive and happy adults. […]

How a Child Custody Lawyer Can Guide the Way

In Texas, child custody laws may seem difficult to navigate. For this reason, it’s best to team up with a child custody lawyer in order to successfully traverse the murky waters of custody law. A lawyer can provide the legal counsel your require in order to achieve the desired result at the end of the […]

Important Facts About Child Custody in Texas

the small hands of a child resting on the hands of an adult with grass in the background

When a divorce takes place the hardest decisions come down to the children involved. Custody in the state of Texas can be strict. However, the Texas courts always place a priority on the welfare of the children. The Texas Custody laws can be difficult to understand. Hiring a family law attorney is a great way […]