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Important Facts About Child Custody in Texas

the small hands of a child resting on the hands of an adult with grass in the backgroundWhen a divorce takes place the hardest decisions come down to the children involved. Custody in the state of Texas can be strict. However, the Texas courts always place a priority on the welfare of the children. The Texas Custody laws can be difficult to understand. Hiring a family law attorney is a great way to ensure a fair decision is made concerning child custody.

The Child’s Welfare is the Priority

The Texas Custody laws encourage both parents to take care of the child’s welfare. This is even true when a parent is awarded sole custody. Both parents are still expected to act in the same manner. Certain decisions concerning the child are still required to be made via joint decision. This can include health or education decisions.

Parental Rights Are Preserved

In most cases, the Texas Family Court system gives the parent without custody the right to receive information about the welfare, health, and education of their child. The exception is when the parent is limited by a court order. A parent even has the freedom to consult with educators and counselors concerning education decisions.

Court Proceedings Can Include History Checks and Witnesses

So many families know all too well that custody battles can become very intense. When a family law attorney is hired, they will do everything they can to prove their case to their client. This can include gathering evidence and witnesses. Criminal records, evidence of domestic violence, and other records may be looked into as well. The court does everything necessary to ensure the child does not go to an unsafe environment.

How Can a Family Law Attorney Help?

Divorce is never an easy situation. A family attorney is always necessary. Finding the right lawyer is even more paramount. From establishing the grounds for divorce to filing for child support or custody, a good lawyer will walk the clients through every step of the process.

When is Best to Hire a Family Law Attorney

Hiring a family law attorney can make a world of difference. Whether you are fighting for sole custody or want mediation to ensure both parents make the right decisions, a family lawyer can help. Texas Custody laws can be difficult to navigate and understand. Hiring a family law attorney can make a world of a difference. Whether a case has already become intense or both parents want to prevent misunderstandings, hiring an attorney is the best way to ensure the children remain the priority.

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