What Are The Requirements For Adoption In Texas?

A young woman smiling as she holds a small child in her arms after adoption.

Are you looking for adoption options in Texas and don’t know where to begin? Our law firm has your back! Making, or considering, the option to adopt is a big life choice. You want to be educated and clear on what to expect, as well as know what the process looks like.  Requirements for Adoption […]

FAQS About Child Custody Law

child custody spelled out with blocks as a parent and child hold hands

It can be hard to have to go through the court, but there are times where it might be necessary to determine what is best for your child. There is so much to child custody that is important to understand. If you go to court, several phrases and words will be thrown around that you […]

A Look at the Miracle of Adoption and Vital Statistics 

Adoption happens every day in this country. Millions of kids find a loving home to go to and millions of excited parents take in a child to be part of their family. This has been described by many adoptive parents as a miraculous exchange. Such a move and decision on the part of the parents […]

My Ex-Partner Won’t Let Me See My Child! What Are My Rights?

child custody

When it comes to child custody, there’s no doubt that the situation can be complicated on numerous levels. But when you’re a parent with shared custody who isn’t getting to see your child according to the legal court agreement, the situation can be even more stressful. A recent story that aired on KFOX14 on February […]