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A Look at the Miracle of Adoption and Vital Statistics 

Adoption happens every day in this country. Millions of kids find a loving home to go to and millions of excited parents take in a child to be part of their family. This has been described by many adoptive parents as a miraculous exchange. Such a move and decision on the part of the parents has incredible ramifications into the future. A child with a good home is more likely to grow up in a stable and loving environment that will help the child thrive and prosper. It’s why Quinonez Law Firm is excited to be part of your adoption story. We thought we’d take a look at some famous stories and people that have personally been touched by adoption. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Who could forget this celebrity match that was all the rage just a few years ago? Most people are aware that the famous actress is quite passionate about the many kids that she adopted from various countries. Her first child was adopted in 2002 from Cambodia and a daughter from Ethiopia. The couple also adopted another child from Vietnam. While out of country adoptions are another legal matter, Jolie’s children have been blessed with an opportunity to excel in life. 

Daunte Culpepper

Daunte Culpepper is a well-known athlete and NFL player. When pregnant with him, his mother was serving time in a correctional facility for armed robbery. He was adopted when he was one day old to a woman named Emma Lewis Culpepper. She worked in the correctional facility where his mother would give birth to him. Thanks to the generosity of his adoptive mother and the good coaches along the way, Culpepper grew up to serve as an inspiration for others that love to play football. Another success story where adoption has changed someone’s life for the better. 

Faith Hill

One of the most successful country artists and singers has had her own story with adoption. Her mother put her up for adoption. Her adoptive parents raised her along with their biological sons in a Christian environment, which had a great influence on her and her music. Her musical talent was apparent early on and she started performing music around 7 years old. As a Christian singer, she became very successful and led a happy and productive life thanks to the efforts and influence of her loving adoptive family. 

Other well-known names have had their own experience with adoption. Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, and singer Sheryl Crow all are adoptive parents that have undergone the process of opening their hearts and families to children in need. 

We Want to Be Part of Your Adoption Story 

Quinonez Law Firm can help you embark on this exceptional journey and ensure that you see the positive results you want. There are a lot of steps and processes to adoption and we are here to make it easier and more doable for you. Let us represent you and be part of the story that is about to change your life forever. 


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