What You Need to Defend Your Car Accident Claim 

Car crash dangerous accident on the road. With speed zoom blur.

No one expects to find themselves in a car accident, but when it happens, you have to think about what you will say to the insurers and how you can prove that you are not at fault.  At fault or not, no one wants to pay for the damages resulting from a car accident. That’s […]

Finding a Lawyer After a Car Accident, Why It Matters 

Woman Calling For Assistance In Front Of Man Inspecting Damaged Car On Road

Texas is a big state and this means that within its borders there are plenty of roads, highways, backways, and streets. In the year 2017, one person was injured every 2 minutes and 4 seconds in Texas. Every 59 seconds, there was one reportable crash. Getting in a fender bender is one thing, but once […]

Important Things to Know About 18 Wheeler Accidents

18-wheeler truck does on a highway during the night in a safe manner to avoid a car accident.

Many motorists make the mistake to think of 18 wheeler accidents as regular car accidents. They are certainly very different. An 18 wheeler accident falls under a completely different category of personal injury law. The reason is obvious, of course. It has to do with the extensive damage that an 18 wheeler can do to […]

How Driverless Vehicles May Affect Accident Law

With autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles on the rise, it can be jarring to know that a set of sensors and algorithms, rather than human thought, may be controlling some of the cars around you. Dozens of states have enacted some form of legislation related to autonomous vehicles, including Texas, and vehicle testing has started in […]

Four Things To Know About Motorcycle Accidents on Texas Highways

Photo of helmet and motorcycle on road, the concept of road accidents

In 2012, it was said that the state of Texas contained within its borders 80,000 miles of highways. And every day these highways see thousands of vehicles travel through them. Along with the cars, trucks, eighteen wheelers, are hundreds of motorcyclists driving through. In 2017, statistics showed more than 386,938 bikers were registered in the […]

When Do I Need a Lawyer Following a Car Accident?

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You got in a car accident. You followed the instructions you’ve always been advised: call the cops, gather the other driver’s information, and file a claim with your insurance provider. That’s it. Everything is settled! In a perfect scenario that would be the case. However, in the complicated, messy, and often unjust world we live […]