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When Do I Need a Lawyer Following a Car Accident?

car accident lawyer

You got in a car accident. You followed the instructions you’ve always been advised: call the cops, gather the other driver’s information, and file a claim with your insurance provider. That’s it. Everything is settled!

In a perfect scenario that would be the case. However, in the complicated, messy, and often unjust world we live in today, that’s not the way things always play out.

You may have heard stories of other car accident victims who sought the assistance of a personal injury lawyer and you are now wondering if you need to go this route. We’re here to advise you as to whether your situation can benefit from our legal help. Let’s get started!

Were you injured as a result of the accident?

Beyond the physical damage to your vehicle, and more importantly, were you physically injured? If so, you should hire a personal injury attorney. In order to receive adequate compensation for your medical bills, you will need to go beyond your insurance claim. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t concerned with covering your full health needs or they will give you the minimum amount possible. Unlike a personal injury attorney, adjusters won’t do a full investigation into your injuries. We will, on the other hand, thoroughly investigate the damages that resulted from the accident.

Is the other driver denying fault?

When it comes to liability, it’s quite common for the other driver and their insurance provider, and possibly their lawyer, do everything possible to deny fault. Without sufficient information, it becomes a game of he said, she said. In many cases, these situations end with the other party walking away having essentially won because they were not held responsible for their wrongdoings and you are left to deal with damages firsthand. Our goal is for this NOT to happen to you!

Was someone’s life lost in the accident?

We often drive past those highway signs that reveal how many Texans have lost their lives on the road but seldom do we think we’ll know one of those victims. When this does happen, it’s undoubtedly extremely difficult to face. Wrongful death cases from car accidents are complicated. Not only are you and your loved ones left with the pain of having lost someone but you must now seek justice for what was done. Our role as your law firm is to ensure that you are not having to face these challenges all on your own. Most importantly, we will ensure that we collect as much evidence as possible to provide you with the closure you need.

Every case is different. Consult with our team today.

Our personal injury lawyer will be here to help guide you through any obstacle you are facing following the car accident. We know that every accident is unique and that the challenges you are going through today are also respectful of your situation. For these reasons, we provide one-on-one assistance and legal advice. Our goal is to take care of you!

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