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How Does Workers Compensation Work in Texas?

bandaged paper man under umbrella with Workers Compensation note belowIf you’ve been injured or have fallen ill because of your job, you may be wondering what rights you are entitled to. Typically, most employers have a workers compensation policy they’ve created based on laws in the state and county they operate in. This policy ensures you receive a wage and benefits should you sustain an illness or injury while completing your job. So what are the rules like in Texas? Let’s discuss.

Workers Compensation: The Basics

Workers comp serves as a form of insurance. It covers you should you be injured on the job, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to pay bills or support your family. While it doesn’t usually cover all of your lost wages, it will provide you with a portion of them.

One thing you should know is that not all employers offer workers compensation. In fact, Texas laws make it optional for employers to do so. What is required is that they notify you at the beginning of your employment whether or not they do.

Workers Comp in Texas

The Texas Department of Insurance’s Division of Workers Compensation sets forth the laws and regulations regarding workers compensation. They regulate how these benefits will be delivered, such as if they will go to the person who has been injured or to the family if the person was killed or succumbs to his or her injuries. Since it’s up to employers whether or not they give workers compensation, this division may or may not interfere.

The Process: What Will You Need to Do?

If you are injured on the job and do qualify for workers comp, you and your employer will need to fill out all of the necessary paperwork. This will detail how much you will earn in wages, what benefits you will receive—if any—and how much time you will need off to recover.

Why is Workers Comp Important for Employees?

Sometimes, you can’t control whether you’re injured on the job. Accidents happen. Negligence on behalf of someone else is common. So when you need to take time off to heal and recover, you shouldn’t have to worry about paying bills or ensuring your family is provided for. If you’re injured on the job and your employer doesn’t offer workers comp, we can help. Our lawyer is knowledgeable about employment and insurance laws and can help you get compensated. Call today!

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