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What rights does a father have after separation ?

When it comes to questions after a divorce, I believe this is the most common asked, so in this weeks blog I hope I answer all of your doubts related to this topic.

As a divorcing parents you should maintain a strength in the foundation of your children’s lives. Fighting over the kids is not the same as who gets the cars and proprieties, you should always treat them with love and as human beings not as properties or things.

First of all parents need a visitation schedule set, it should be very simple if both parents are in favor of such deal, does not have to have holidays and special dates just a set schedule of when the non custodial parent has the right to pick up children or visit them. The goal here is for children to have the same consistency with both parents and have a normal day with both, that way kids will not suffer so much the divorce.

Unmarried Couples
As a dad you will have parental responsibility if

  • Your name is on the birth Certificate
  • If you and your child sign a parental agreement
  • If you married the child’s mother.
  • Establish paternity in order to have access as father rights

However unmarried fathers tend to have less parental rights than if the couple was married, of course it will depend on the state that you live also. In some cases if the mother is a violent or any kind of aggressive with the child, than parental right to father will be all granted.

Not all cases give mother the whole parental rights, there are several cases which when the court state that the kid is better of with the father they will grant it to him, and not her, there are myths that courts always grants mothers the complete care however that is incorrect due to the fact that sometimes the mother is less caring than the father or with out a job and they give custody to the father.

Fight for what you deserve, you are the Father of that kid and you and them deserve to build memories with them and let them know they can also have a father figure in their life even when the mother is not wanting to, but by law you can. Do not be deterred by gender stereotypes or my thinking that the mother has more rights than you as a father.






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