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What Happens to the Pets During a Divorce?

sad pug petDivorces can be messy and sometimes, it can be difficult to determine who gets what, such as collectibles or the house. It can be especially messy if kids are involved, but what about pets? Here’s what you need to know about what happens to pets during a divorce, from a divorce lawyer.

Pets are Typically Considered Property

Pets are often viewed the same way as property. In Texas, we are a community property state, which means property belonging to the couple, as opposed to just an individual in the couple, is split 50-50. Because your beloved pet is viewed the same way your belongings are, chances are they’ll end up somewhere in the “50-50.”

A judge may decide who gets it at random or may even work out a deal for visitation, custody, and alimony. Because the animals are viewed as property, a judge may try to take all of the emotion out of it. A divorce lawyer can help you to fight to keep your beloved pet so he or she is not disregarded as property.

…But This Could Be Changing

Pets are becoming more and more prized in society. More people view them as members of the family as opposed to animals they own and can train. This, in turn, is changing the way many judges view divorce cases that include pet ownership and is the reason why things like pet visitation and alimony are becoming more common today.

What to Do If You’re Getting Divorced

Divorce is, unfortunately, incredibly common nowadays. While we’d want all of the marriages to last and be happy and successful, this isn’t always the case. I mean, who would want to stay married to someone who, after many years, they’re no longer happy with? Here are a few things you can do:

  • Try and determine some of the hard stuff before diving into the legalities of it all. This can include knowing who is gonna get what, which can include pets. Whatever you can’t decide on, lawyers and a judge can help you out.
  • Discuss child or pet custody beforehand. If you’re in agreement before working with a lawyer, it can make the process go more smoothly.
  • Try and not let your emotions dictate your actions. We understand it’s tough, but as humans, we often say and do things we regret when we are upset. This can make things more complicated.

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