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Deceptive Trade Practices

Imagine this: you buy a product that’s supposed to help you solve some sort of problem, whether it be to treat dry skin or to repaint your house, and the product ends up being defective. But not just defective: the label flat out lied to you. It said it would do one thing, but the creators specifically knew it didn’t work or would cause another issue. This is what is known as deception and most businesses within the United States can be held accountable for this.

At the Quiñonez Law Firm, we can help you if you, as a consumer, have been deceived by a brand, label, or advertisement and have suffered consequences because of this.

What is the Deceptive Trade Practices Act?

The Deceptive Trade Practices Act can apply to a variety of exchanges including the purchases of goods or the signing of a lease. Issues that fall under the act can range from mild, such as hosting a “going out of business sale” without actually going out of business, to serious, like selling paint and claiming it to be lead-free when it, in fact, contains lead.

The act was put in place to protect you, the consumer, from faulty or hazardous business practices, breaches of warranty, and misleading advertisements and warning or ingredient labels, among other things. Essentially, businesses who harm you by misleading you, taking advantage of you, or selling you faulty products are held accountable for their actions.

Filing a Claim

There are certain steps you must take to file a claim. First, you must send a certified letter notifying the business about what is wrong and giving them the amount for the damages. If they do not respond within 60 days, you may proceed to step two.

During step two, you may file a suit for your claims. If you do file a suit, you should ask for all the damages that happened as a result of the deception. We can go through the possible list of remedies with you to ensure you are asking for the right ones.

Why We Protect You

If you have an issue with a product or company, it may feel trivial, but we assure you that with us, it will not be treated as so. Whether it’s a product that has been falsely or purposely mislabeled or a business who goes back on their agreed warranty, we have you covered. We understand that not only are these issues costly, they can also be damaging to your health and wellbeing. If you need a lawyer to help you build a case, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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