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Prenup Agreement

Any couple who brings personal or business assets to the marriage should seek to protect those assets in case of divorce.

Here at Quiñonez Law Firm, we will make sure all your assets are well covered. Leave it in our hands to secure your family legacy or the business you have been working years to build. We understand that the couples who walk through our doors are embarking on this new journey because they love and trust each other, and making a prenup sounds like a waste of time. Plus, many people think they’re only for celebrities. But prenuptial agreements are actually helpful for people who own their own businesses, who plan on being a stay-at-home parent once they have kids, or who can expect a large inheritance somewhere down the line.

Facts About Divorce

While divorce may be out of the question for you and your significant other, it’s rather pervasive in today’s society.

  • People between the ages of 20 and 24 have the highest divorce percent rate
  • There are almost 900,000 divorces every year in America
  • More than half of the children in America witness their parents get a divorce

While these facts aren’t all-inclusive and they may not necessarily apply to you, it’s important to understand the reality of how common divorce can be. This is where the prenup comes in.

What is a Prenup?

A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is a legally binding agreement that each partner signs prior to marriage. The prenup addresses the property each partner brings in before the marriage, the property they may gain during the marriage, and how they will handle, distribute, or keep the property if they were to divorce. This can prevent one partner from marrying another strictly for financial gain.

Some of the benefits of a prenup are that it:

  • Keeps finances separate
  • Explains how you plan to provide for your children from prior relationships
  • Establishes property rights in the event of divorce
  • Defines financial responsibilities during marriage

Why Have a Lawyer Help You?

Since a prenup is a legal agreement, it’s best to have a prenup agreement lawyer help you. A lawyer will be able to accurately create the agreement document for you, help you and your spouse lay out the details of the agreement, and ensure everything is done correctly. If you’re getting married and would like to create a prenup, the lawyers at Quiñonez Law Firm can help you do so. Call us today!

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