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How to prepare for Trial ?

For my clients I tend to practice with them days before the trail so we can make sure we are all prepare and they feel confident about our case, However this are some of the tips I tell my clients to always do when we will face a court event.

Preparation and techniques you should be aware of before going into Trial.

For a Spouse seeking support:

  • Have all questions about jurisdiction answered or resolved before going to court, such as correct venue, etc.
  • Think about what you can do if defendant does not appear.
  • And be prepare to argue for a more generous award.

First you need to create a plan.  However not just a simple one, you need every single detail on your plan. Communication is the key so always communicate clearly and brief, hold everyone accountable and make sure they know the importance of their contribution, periodically update everyone with written or verbal communication so everyone is on the same page and communicate the objectives with precision.

Control all kinds of paper work, know the judge and all his court room rules and gestures.

Don’t ever look for details, just identify details that will help you and your team, eliminate everything that will put you or your team on doubt.

Finally ALWAYS be calm and confident on your case, that you have the last word and that you will win what you deserve.

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