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How to get divorce Part 1

The El Paso Tx Divorce process can be a simple process if you know how to navigate its many rules and deadlines. The El Paso Tx divorce process is structured like many others in the State of Texas. Therefore, how to file for a divorce is standard. A Divorce is started by filing a suit for a Dissolution of Marriage with the El Paso Tx District Clerk’s Office. The suit and divorce paperwork is structured to maximize recovery and legal aid. The divorce paperwork can include recovery for the spouse to pay attorney’s fees, alimony, child custody requests, child support, paternity, and jury trial.

One of the most important essentials in the Divorce process is the Temporary Restraining Order. Family law court in El Paso, Texas allows for a granting of a temporary injunction for the preservation of property and protection of the parties when a divorce is filed. What this means is that the family court, if asked, will apply reasonable limitations upon the spouse immediately to protect a family or personal property. According to the Texas Family Code, a restraining order can maintain the status quo for up to 14 days unless extended. These 14 days are critical for maintaining as much peace and stability as possible in a divorce.

Disclaimer: The preceding is not attorney advice and does not create an attorney client relationship. Readers are welcomed to request a free consultation and get free legal advice at the office, as each case is different and unique and standard procedures may not apply.

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