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Common Mistakes on Court


Sometime you people make some minor or major mistakes that might hurt their cases from winning or losing the case. Here is a list of Five major ones how you can avoid this mistakes and make sure to get the right justice.

Out of anger, stress, depression clients make mistakes that end up jeopardizing their case to losing it. First-people tend to offer too much too soon, without having the needed documents, proof, etc. from their partners or may I say future ex partner. So is better if clients listen first and than offer, and promise nothing until the end of the judgement.

Second-people tend to relay on no trusted sources, such as family advice, friends or articles they read about what might be a possible outcome on their case. Having all that none sense might hurt their real outcome because they were expecting more than what they will actually get, so ONLY trust a lawyers advice, they are the ones that know the law and outcomes from many cases. Hire someone professional to gather all the facts before jumping into conclusions.

Third- Talking to the opponent party about what you discuss with your attorney, that is waiving the Attorney-Client Privilege, many clients tend to always tell their best friend or family member about what they discuss with the attorney and that is all the legal advice and possible outcome, so at the moment the client does that, they are putting in risk everything, if that friend or family member were to be witnesses in a court trial, everything the client told them can be elicited because it was exposed to public. So just keep to your self everything your lawyers tells you in consults and do not share any kind of details until the trail is complete and close.

Forth- Trying to represent your self on court, hiring a lawyer in some cases might be costly however is the best way to go for when you have a case you need to win, even if you are studying or think you know the law, you always need an attorney by your side, that will warranty you winning or looking for the best outcome in your case.

Fifth – Being late to your Court day, might jeopardize what you have accomplish on your trial, being late might lead to Dismissal of your case or a warrant for your arrest. So please always try to be 100% early to every court event.

Sixth– Not communicating with the attorney, changing attorneys and not letting the other know is a common mistake, because you might lose with you have accumulated with the first attorney and you might be also wasting his time, gathering more information on your case with out knowing you already have someone else taking care of it. Always be honest and let them know that you didn’t like the service or you found a better match, or a closer one, they will understand your scenario, But never waste their time.

Seventh – Not being honest / lying to your attorney, I believe this might be the most important one, but hey like they say save the best at last. Lying will not get you anywhere or at least no far enough to win the case, the truth always shows up, specially when you are dealing with the law and investigations, lying will only hurt your outcome, ALWAYS be honest.



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