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Common Causes for Pedestrian Accidents

woman crossing the street holding a phone about to be hit by a car, who will need a pedestrian accident lawyer soonMany people worry about being involved in a car accident. We strive to be the best drivers we can- after all, when we receive our driver’s license, we are entering into an agreement that we will share the road responsibly. That we will be considerate of the other people on the road. However, we also are entering into an agreement that we will respect people in our vicinity. That includes pedestrians. Pedestrian accident lawyers focus on the victims of accidents where drivers don’t uphold this agreement. Whether it is a momentary distraction, an impaired driver, or another reason, pedestrian accidents are much more dangerous than a car on car accident. This is due to that fact that a pedestrian lacks the protection of a car and so is much more vulnerable to serious injuries when being struck by a car. Although insurance companies often offer settlements to victims of such accidents, they are often hindered by their preoccupation with what is best for their company. As a result, there are many times a victim is better off consulting a pedestrian accident lawyer before agreeing to anything.

Common Causes of Accidents

City streets are often the most common place that pedestrian accidents occur. While drivers have a responsibility to pedestrians, it is also important for pedestrians to always be aware of their surroundings. Some common causes for accidents include:


  • Electronics: Earphones are one of the most dangerous things to wear when out for a walk. We become so involved in what we are listening to that we tune out city sounds and sights. Pedestrians can walk into a busy street, or not hear the honking of a speeding car in time to get out of the way. Drivers are also susceptible to this distraction as well. One glance at an incoming text can be all it takes for a driver to miss a child running into the streets or a jogger who is deafened to their coming by their earphones. Studies show that almost 8% of accidents occur due to electronics.
  • Alcohol Use: Drivers should never drink and drive. Pedestrians should also be aware that walking while intoxicated can prevent you from identifying dangerous decisions and areas, which can have serious or fatal consequences.
  • Dark Clothes: There is a reason why people stress again and again to wear fluorescent or bright strips of clothing when you walk at night. Many people fail to notice they have trouble seeing at night. Improper lighting in many city and suburban areas mixed with dark clothes can lead to unintended accidents with serious consequences and injuries.
  • Unmarked Crosswalks: Popular and busy intersections are a magnet for pedestrian accidents. In El Paso, one of the most notorious accident prone areas for pedestrian accidents is the bar district on Mesa Street, across from UTEP. In this case, the crosswalk is clearly marked. However, there are many areas where they aren’t, or are ignored by people. This is one of the biggest causes of pedestrian accidents.


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