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Questioning Child Support?

Either by divorce or not, the protection of your child expenses is very important for us, being a single parent household is not easy, here are the procedures we will take in order to guarantee you the monetary protection you are seeking for your children.

You can seek child support with an emergency basis before the statuary time, however, the alternative of seeking support in a lower or parallel court especially devoted to family matters is often available, the procedures may be different and litigation may be cheaper, quicker or generally more effective.

Child support is determined by the non-custodial parent net income and the number of children that will be involved in the did. Non-custodial parents are allowed to visit their children at any time that is set by the agreement with the parent in custody. If by any reason the parents cannot come into an agreement of hours or days of visitation than the court will set a day.

If the parent does not pay your child the support stated by court for more than 6 months he can face jail time.







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