Texas Motorcycle Statistics & The Innovative & Adventurous History of Bikes 

Man sat on the motorcycle on the forest road.

Like many beloved inventions, the motorcycle was developed in stages—gradually improving in design, innovation after innovation. Today, Texas roads have about 438,551 motorcycles registered in the state. And despite the many campaigns to improve safety and encourage people to look out for motorcyclists, there are still plenty of motorcycle accidents on Texas roads and highways.  […]

When Should I Hire a Lawyer for Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accident hit by car

Do you know more than 80,000 people get injured in motorcycle accidents annually in the US? Being a victim of a motorcycle accident is a mentally and physically debilitating experience. It’s more traumatizing and devastating if you sustain life-changing injuries. You will need a trusted lawyer for motorcycle accidents to advise you about your rights […]