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3 Work Injuries That Occur During the Holidays

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For many employees, once October hits it can feel overwhelming and at times distracting to do your job. From decorating your desk or cubicle to scoping out goodies in the breakroom and looking for the best online deals well before Black Friday and Cyber Monday — it’s hard to focus on work! Being distracted, however, makes you and your coworkers more prone to making mistakes. And these mistakes extend past one or two typos. We’re talking about mistakes that can result in an injury. Imagine walking with a hot cup of coffee and tripping over a jack o’lantern because it wasn’t placed in a secure area. This scenario is very real. In addition to being consumed by the glitz of decorations and goodies, employees are more stressed and in a hurry to get things done.

With more workers’ comp claims being filled from November through December, you can be on the lookout for these three common injuries:  

1. The “Holiday Rush” at department stores leads to employee falls

If you work at a department store, it’s critical that your employer provides guidelines for how shoppers will enter the store. Some stores have recently created a formality that allows for only so many customers to enter at a time based on their place in line. Those videos of people being trampled over are no laughing matter. Many employees suffer from falls and other injuries as they attempt to both help customers and stay out of their way to avoid a collision. If your employer isn’t putting your safety first, you should consider filing a complaint. Working in safe conditions is highly important.   

2. Parking lot attendants in harm’s way

A parking lot is dangerous for many reasons. From customers rushing to find a spot to shoppers attempting to load up their cars and trucks — if you’re not careful, you can be hit. A parking lot attendant is present to help guide drivers and keep traffic flowing but unfortunately, they are often put in risky situations. Aggressive drivers often ignore their signals and go the opposite direction or nearly hit them as they speed by. Your employer should provide you with the proper gear to be outside, especially if it’s cold and ensure that you are in an area where you won’t be hit.

3. Injuring yourself while decorating the office

Everyone loves the person who volunteers to decorate the office. It makes the office feel more spirited and homey. Also, it means you won’t have to bother getting on a latter to add a string of lights around the wall or bother cutting pieces of paper to create a few snowflakes. But if you do enjoy decorating, then you’ll want to be extra careful. If you plan on using a ladder, make sure a coworker is there to spot you and provide you with direction so you don’t fall off. Also, make sure the area is secure and is not obstructing people’s path. It’s always best to minimize the number of decorations that could potentially fall and hit someone.    

If you feel you have a workers’ comp case, please connect with the Quinonez Law Firm today

Getting injured at work adds to an already stressful season, which is why you shouldn’t attempt to handle this type of case alone. Instead, speak with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer who can provide you with the best course of action depending on your injury. Medical bills are expensive and if you’re needing time off work to recover, it can make matters more complicated. But don’t worry — we’ll ensure we fight for the compensation you need to safely recover without fear. Please connect with us today to learn more.

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